I’m rushing to finish a brand new audio drama- an adaptation of The 1/3rders by Cory Einbinder. That should be ready by this summer. In the meantime, here is Jesus Hitler which I recorded in 2001. I voiced the story, which was probably a mistake since I’m a better ballerina than I am an actor, but the rhythmic voice music by Floor Van Herreweghe really helped.

Jesus Hitler is a strange story, so it might make more sense if I tell you I wrote it right after I finished William Burroughs’ Wild Boys. Essentially it is my take on Dante’s Purgatorio. I hope you enjoy.

P.S. I really like Jesus.
P.S.S. Audio theater isn’t dead. just check out Fred Greenhalgh’s Radio Drama Revival. It’s probably my all-time favorite podcast.

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One thought on “Jesus Hitler

  1. Hey, thanks for the praise! I have a hell of a lot of fun doing the ‘pod…

    Will check out your work and give a listen. If you have any stories you’d like produced zip ’em my way and I’ll take a look!


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