What do your online friends mean to you? For Lisa Wolk, they mean everything. Lisa, one of my 250 or so Facebook “friends” has embarked on what she calls “My Social Network Road Trip.” As she explains on her blog:

Life experience and made-for-TV movies have taught us what “friendship” means. But what does it mean to be an online friend? I’m putting my social networks to the test by letting them plan my cross-country road trip. The places I stop, where I stay, what I eat – will all be decided by my online network of friends.

But apparently even web democracy has its limits. I employed my power as part of her social network and suggested she visit Edison, NJ on the way to her planned first stop in Philadelphia. Her response? “Wish I could – but I am without a car so I’ll be taking the bus to PHL to grab my rental car. ”

Ouch. Dissed and dismissed.

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