Sarah Donner has a great idea. Find the best in indie acoustic rock, book them in a rustic community space in Princeton, NJ, and charge nothing. Then, as if that isn’t sweet enough, do it again in a month.

Scott Krokoff at Indie Music Night
Scott Krokoff at Indie Music Night

I went last Saturday (August 29) for the first time .The out of the way location, a park in the Griggstown area of Princeton, gives no indication of what is in store. You would expect something like this in, say, Park Slope, Brooklyn. But driving down a side street in a bedroom community, I could not help but think I was lost. I saw some parked cars, walked to a little cabin one might expect to find at a sleep-away arts camp and was promptly blown away.

All the acts were fantastic, but the two standouts came early– Amy Campbell and Scott Krokoff.

I’ve been a fan of Krokoff for some time, but had not seen or heard his live act. His CD, A Better Life boasts rich, complex layers and a production quality seldom heard on an indie album. Krokoff live was a different animal. Gone were the backing musicians and the Hammond B-3. But what your were left with is the beautiful stripped-down optimism of an ex-tax attorney who left the rat race to follow his dreams.

Amy Campbell
Amy Campbell
Amy Campbell paralleled the event itself, an unexpected pleasant surprise. Her music, and her sexiness, is subtle but captivating. It was captivating enough for me to plunk down $20 for a couple of CDs and that’s saying a lot because I’m a cheap bastard. Heck, I figure if Amy can come all the way from Canadia I could throw down a couple of bucks.

Here’s a less than stellar quality video of the stellar Amy Campbell.

Amy, I’m sorry the video sucks. Hopefully the next time I see you I’ll have an iPhone.

Also rocking this particular evening were Kate Klim, Christopher Morse and Kiernan McMullan.

Sarah Donner, the evening’s hostess, showed off her stuff near the end of the night. Indie Music Night’s rotating line-up of talent is a selling point, but Sarah’s on and off stage charm and happy, energetic set makes a perfect anchor that makes me want to come back month after month.

I must give this one word of warning– the “bathroom” is worse than the one at the old CBGBs. Yes, it is possible, but only because it is an outhouse.

Indie Music Night is located at The Griggstown Pavilion, 373 Bunkerhill Rd (next door to it), Princeton, New Jersey. The next show is 9/26/2009 6:00 PM.

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7 thoughts on “Griggstown’s Indie Music Night is a Hidden Treasure

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  4. You are right IMN is the best thing to happen to the Music scene in Central Jersey. I have been going there for 3 years and Sarah is a Gem!!!

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