So my experiment with an online community newspaper for Edison, NJ yielded mixed results. Of the successes, I was able to create a completely aggregated online newspaper. On the not-so-successful side, content is still king and relying purely on aggregation still requires a great deal of effort.

Edison Informer became a victim of a long, long to do list that includes work, raise a baby, learn MySQL (and related geek things) and apply to MLIS programs. To make the aggregation really work, the incoming feeds should be carefully edited (or to use the buzzword du jour, “curated“). This proved to be too labor intensive for this one man band.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here is Jeff Jarvis talking about aggregation in a surprisingly low quality video:

OK, dude, if you are going to interview a “guru,” a don’t use a couple of dirty jackets as a backdrop. A microphone might be nice also.

In the meantime, redirects here, at least for now. But, true believers, don’t worry about the implications. will live on (for better or for worse).

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