Dear Kodak Gallery: You stink (harsher word replaced).

I had one of the worst customer service experiences of my life today with Kodak Gallery. They deleted every single one of my pictures I had with them. My 2004 trip to DR. My trip to Paris. Even the photos from an emotional going away moment with a friend who I have not seen since (that’s you Alison Brown). All gone.

What’s worse, back in the days of film Ofoto (as the service was called back then) required that you send the original film if you wanted it converted, but they keep it. The justification? The pictures will be preserved ad infinitum digitally. There is no need for actual film anymore.

Well times change. Kodak claims they sent out emails and if it was sent to a spam filter it is not their problem. When I asked for a name of a person to contact they refused. I asked for the VP of marketing (thinking he may want to read my blog or twitter posts), which is public knowledge but she said she doesn’t have his name. So I gave it to her. It is Jeffery Hayzlett.

I gave the poor customer service agent hell, but Kodak refused to give me anything except a $10 credit to purchase my pictures on their website–which they deleted. Here is a pdf of the complete chat.

“Well, wait a minute, Boutros!” you are saying. “This might be just one bad experience for an otherwise good service.” Nope. The service sucks. Here’s what others are saying.

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