Here are two wedding videos I did with a 8mm “look.” The first was shot on actual super 8mm negative film, which was ridiculously expensive and time consuming. I chose to shoot negative film (as opposed to reversal stock) because it gives a little more latitude with low light conditions. But this meant I got a negative image back from the lab, and had to invert the film in Final Cut Pro (Effects > Video Filters > Channel > Invert). This resulted in a bluish tint, so I had to apply a sepia tint and do some color correcting. Because the cost of the film is so expensive, I chose each shot carefully.  The result was  I only had about 20 minutes (maybe 30) of raw footage to be edited down to about 10 minutes, which made for a much easier edit. Compare this to video–I had 7 hours of footage .

The second video was shot on a Sony PD-150 with the look achieved by color correcting with native FCP tools and with this free plugin from CGM. I decided to go for the reversal film look, as I really like the color saturation of that look and it matched the couple’s music choices.

To my eyes the real super 8 looks superior, but not for price.  The final cost for the final 10 minute (or so) 8mm film  was about $1,500. The video shot on the PD-150 cost about $42 (7 tapes at $6 each). Which looks better to you?

Download Video
Download Video
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