Welcome. SiL has evolved from radio show to podcast to a blog about producing online content. Some of it is original work and some of it is commentary.

SiL: The Search for Intelligent Life started as a simple idea– a radio show with a college attitude for an adult crowd. SiL was most recently hosted by Dr. Scott McHugh of Kean University and Mark Boutros of The City University of New York. The show was founded by Mark along with Miguel Macias, Elinoar Astrinsky, and Daud King at Brooklyn College in 2002 and has been on-air at various times in various places over the years.

The show became defunct in 2007, but I continued to keep it alive through blogging and podcasting. The blog is clearly different from the radio show, but it is about the same thing– regular people doing interesting things. The arts, political activism– you name it, we had it on the show.

The web and various forms of “social media” (go here for What The F**k Is Social Media) became the obvious forum for the DIY artist/activist so it only made sense that SiL evolved as well. That’s not to say that SiL will never be a radio show again (I truly hope it does), but rather that this silradio.com will continue where SiL Radio the show left off.

Stay in the search.


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