I’m Mark Boutros, one of the founders of the original SiL radio program. Currently I work as a technology and new media manager at The City University of New York and an MLIS student at Rutgers University.

For all the boring resume looking stuff, go here: http://markboutros.brandyourself.com/

Silradio.com started as a blog for the resurrected SIL radio program, but since you only die twice the radio program is no more. Now Silradio.com is a blog about media, information science, libraries, why I love the serial comma, and my latest (mis)adventures. True, that is a bit self serving, but I do come across interesting stories now and again and this is where I share them.

I like long walks on the beach and in my free time I wrestle crocodiles and breath fire. OK, I’m lying. I don’t like the beach.

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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for putting douchebag up! The only thing is you spelled my name wrong – Tibbie X- Thanks though! so cool-X

  2. Hi professor, this is Javier Puga from your Radio Production class back in 2009 at Brooklyn College. I did the mockumentary radio show about school gangs. I was hoping to get some advice from you as I’m starting to apply for grad school. Thanks.

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