Well, it’s two days before my nuptial festivities and despite my objections it will be replete with line dancing. But either way, I will be flying to Florence on Sunday and I’m returning May 11. From that point on, I will work on bringing SiL back as a regular weekly podcast. Making it weekly is a bigger feat than it seems, and this is where you come in.

We need a lot of things–legal music, guests, a co-host, just to name a few. If you have access to any of these things, email me your ideas at mark (at) silradio (dot) com(lets hope that’s enough to confuse the spam bots). If you are an artist, musician or whatever please email me a demo or a link to your work. If you have music that is legal to play over the internet (either with no rights reserved or using the creative commons license), please send that too. If you think you have a face made for radio (as I do) and you can meet in the central New Jersey area weekly, send me a voice sample.

I plan on doing a pilot or two before we go weekly (or perhaps twice monthly), so there will be no pressure. Summer is almost here and there is no better time to make radio.

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It’s your chance to meet Billy, Bates, John and Monica the Zombie. In two days (and 9 hours) ZH: City of the Dead will be at Chiller Theater Convention in Parsippany New Jersey. We will join esteemed celebrities such as Ernest Borgnine, Clerks’ Jason Mewes (Jay), and Armin Shimerman, the guy who played the Ferengi on Star Trek Deep Space Nine (and son of my favorite librarian at Queens College). We are on our way to the big time.

Zompire Film Fest

Then next week we will be a part of Zompire: The Undead Film Festival out in Portland Oregon. The festival goes from May 9-10 and they feature shorts and feature films. For only $10 a night, how can you go wrong? Check the website for film schedule.

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Mail Order Zombie
Our video project, ZH:COD–the best zombie TV show ever made (was there any other Zombie TV show ever made?) got rave reviews from Mail Order Zombie. Don’t know what Mail Order Zombie is?
Well, check it out.

In short, it’s a new podcast that’s about indie and straight-to-DVD zombie movies.

For those of you who don’t know, while I’ve been sleeping at the SiL wheel, we have been pretty busy producing ZH. We have three episodes completely done with the two more shot and in the can.

You can check out a little bit here, but I’ll get more videos up shortly.

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Well, we have a new photo, thanks to Philippa Willitts who graciously made her work available for use as long as the user gives her credit. I dig her stuff, but she deserves credit either way. After attending a class given by master blogger Jeff Jarvis, I felt completely ashamed of being a luddite and I decided to blogging again. I haven’t been completely inactive, thogh. There’s been a lot of work going into Zombie Hunter City of the Dead, and of course my upcoming wedding.

You can check out more about ZH:COD here:

More SiL shows to come shortly, most of which are “classics” by now. But we are looking for a new co-host, so if you are in the search, simply leave a comment.

So, despite being busy with Zombies, we are alive.

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I just got off the phone with my co-host, the Good Doctor Scott McHugh, and it looks like we are ready for the new semester! It promises to be an exciting one replete with good music, bad jokes and a new segment about local Jersey politics. Why, you ask? Well, over the years SiL has admittedly been quite absurd at times and can you think of anything more absurd than Jersey politics? I certainly can’t.

We will be on-air in a couple of weeks on our usual time slot, Tuesday nights at 7pm, so stay tuned and stay in the Search.

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